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Making waves in restaurants -  like at the new Takami Sushi & Elevate Lounge in Downtown Los Angeles - Sazé Tea's Foodservice Flowering Tea Program is like no other. The program brings with it product training and support. The teas are presented in their dry state in our Tea Canister and the tea is steeped in a glass teapot through which guests can witness the blossoming of the leaves. Flowering Teas may be shared at the table among diners and re-infused several times. This enthralling and captivating tea experience is sure to set your tea service apart from the rest.


Jasmine Green Tea - Blossoming Green Tea
This Jasmine Pearl is scented only with the buds of the Jasmine flower up to 11 times to create a very intense and fragrant tea. In the middle of the bulb there is a rose petal with scented green tea leaves skillfully wrapped around it to create a ball. Brewing this special tea within a glass teapot allows one to see the leaves unfurl to reveal the rose petal. Brews a very fragrant and sweet brew. The addition of the rose petal to the Jasmine creates an intoxicating and beautiful fragrance to be enjoyed anytime of the day.

:: $65.00/LB ::



Organic Black Tea - Blossoming Black Tea
Beauté Black is a handcrafted black tea representing an old artform of hand-tied teas. In making Beauté Black, only long tippy leaves are chosen, then baked in direct sun and gently bruised by twisting hand movements. The bruising facilitates ‘oxidization’ whereby, the leaf starts to change color from green to dark. Old style handcrafting includes tying the leaves with a thread and shaping it into a rosette. A light baking is performed to complete the process. When infused the leaves blossom into the shape of a flower.

:: $60.00/LB ::




Glass Teapot - Signature
Our durable glass teapot is the best way to watch a flowering tea bloom. They serve up to 20 oz. (600 ml.) of tea and include a strainer. We recommend removing the strainer when steeping handsewn Flowering Teas.

:: $15.00 ::




Tea Canister - 2.5 gal
• Jumbo Canister
• Airtight Fit
• Made of Glass
• Aluminum Lid
• Dishwasher Safe
• Ideal for Storing Tea

:: $25.00 ::




Electric Water Kettle - 2 Liter
Made by Toastmaster, this 2 liter (approximately 2 quart) Electric Hot Water Kettle will boil fresh spring water in 7 minutes. It is convenient and compact. Great for restaurants, cafes or at your office or home.

:: $42.00 ::




Glass Teapot Warmer
This incredibly beautiful warmer lights up any glass teapot. A single tea candle will illuminate the contents of your pot. Imparting your tea and the surrounding area with a radiant warm glow. Dishwasher safe.